Using slots casino bonus types in casinos online

A slots casino bonus is free money and/or free spins offered by an online casino to test the casino. The practice of bonuses (or compensation) has always existed in traditional casinos. The bonuses of online casinos finally work on the same principle by offering their players free money or free playtime where they can try their luck longer for the same amount of money.

Indeed, online casinos can offer thousands of euros of bonus, it is nevertheless necessary to understand how these bonuses work to determine if a player can get an advantage.

A variety of slots casino bonus options

Each casino review always has the information devoted to slots casino bonus options for beginners, regular gamblers, and VIP players. Here are the most popular of them.

  1. No deposit bonus (or Welcome). The welcome bonus without deposit is a bonus that consists of crediting a player’s account with a certain amount, usually about ten Euros, the amount with which he can play. The advantage of it is to let a gamer to get acquainted with an online casino and test it for free, or even win a small win.
  2. Play free for one hour at the casino. This slots casino bonus offers a free hour of play during which a gamer’s account is credited with a sum, usually a few hundred Euros (here, bonus codes are not always required). At the end of this time, if he has made money with this bonus, he can withdraw it. In general, this offer applies, especially to slot machines.
  3. Welcome bonuses with a deposit (bonus match). For the first deposit of real money in a casino, a gamer will be entitled to play more with a percentage of the amount purchased or a fixed sum added. It is the simplest bonus and the one offered by all casinos without exception. A bonus of 100% means that for 100 euros bought, the casino offers a gamer 100 Euros, so he will play with 200 Euros.
  4. Bonuses for the 2nd and the 3rd deposits. These deposit bonuses are especially recommended for those who play longer and maximize the chance to hit a jackpot. These bonuses do not work with table game players (Blackjack, Roulette, etc.), as they can become a problem due to withdrawal conditions. It is better to pick casino slots with bonus of this type.
  5. Bonuses for alternative payment method. When a player uses Neteller, PayPal, personal account, some casinos will grant him an additional bonus on this deposit which will be added to the amount of the Welcome bonus, generally between 10 and 15%. This additional bonus is awarded because the method of payment is the most secure for both players and casinos, and transfer times are the fastest: casinos push the use of such methods of payment.
  6. VIP bonuses. VIPs receive gifts, travel, and exclusive bonuses depending on the casino where they play. A VIP player is a player who plays at least 100 Euros a week (but it depends on a casino policy). A VIP can usually claim 15% of his losses as a bonus.
  7. Bonuses in a game. Trying various free casino slots with bonus of this type, a player will understand his chances to win this money. It is the option in a game, and it makes slots so attractive.

Using a bonus in a casino

The slots casino bonus conditions usually require a gambler to bet the amount of the bonus given to him a number of times. For example, if he gets a Welcome bonus of 100% and he has deposited € 1,000, the player will have € 2,000 in a bank. If the casino requires a player to bet for example 20 times the bonus (Wager X20), it means that he must bet a total of 20 times € 1,000 or € 20,000.

That is clear, this figure may seem astronomical but it is all accumulated bets. With a capital of € 2,000 and several weeks of games, it is very easy to reach this amount. Casino games generally pay 96 to 98% of the stakes, so for 100 € of bet, a gambler will have on average 96 to 98 € in return. To understand how it works, it is recommended to try free casino slots with bonus games first.

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